Scarred Minds and Desert Places Poem

Table, chairs, bookshelves and a bed
Student cell over-looking
Finely cut green lawns
Northern redbrick university
Oh, Brave New World
Free love art poetry
An angry young man
Brain fired by word and paint
And those solemn pretty girls
A faded memory
Only the signed accolade
And a legacy of self-doubt
All that’s left
But all’s as it should be
The poet said.
ROOM 112
Autumn leaves torn from campus trees

One average day

It began

Etched into the brain’s psyche

Jonah’s whale
A black pit
Suddenly silently
Falling engulfed in self-doubt
blighted star falling far
In the eyes of all
Brain on overload
Educated out of one’s true nature,
In meltdown
The further one moves from the centre
The less one knows
Overworked and in Hell
How far I fell !
This just can’t happen –
But it did !
Stumbling blindly on
”Summer of Love” 68
Stranger on a ward
Left to figure it all out

Published by Beyond Recovery blog

A collection of creativity, artwork and information by Merseysiders on recovery in mental health.

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