Grief Explosion

It stayed in my head

from morning till night.

I couldn’t sleep.

All I could do was

walk around to try and solve it

but I couldn’t weep.


My only solace

was to talk to the bird

from my homeland

who would talk back

and seemed to help

Get me back on track.


I’d play the most meaningful

music over and over

and lose myself in the words.

These would prove

my saving grace

time after time.


That was therapy,

not pills and drugs

or taking me away

from my things,

and putting me in a box

with no contact

with my friends and family

to help me through the day.


And that bird,

I swear could talk English

“turn off the bloody light”

she used to say

and too right,

cos she got no sleep either,

in the middle of the night

whenever I was blue.

Partners in crime

That was true.


Published by Beyond Recovery blog

A collection of creativity, artwork and information by Merseysiders on recovery in mental health.

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