Beyond Recovery

A collection of articles, artwork and information by Merseysiders on recovery in mental health

Poems by Ian Conway – ‘The Positive Poet’



Would you recognise your childhood face

Hidden in a crowd?

At the start of life’s wild race

Before no holds were barred


Were you taught to be kind and good?

Those years long ago

But found it hard to do as you should?

As life’s demands did grow


Oh, that’s just life – we may start well

But only saints succeed

To walk a blameless path through life

Unspoilt by unworthy deed


So be kind to yourself – do not sigh

And anyway, it’s never too late to try!





He told me how, in the past

Life proceeded without any pain

Confidence came easily and decisions came fast

And only small worries remained


He asked what had changed to make life now so grim?

Was it him or was it life?

Something outside or something within

To cause his anxious strife?


If it comes from outside like a malignant voodoo

How to beat so powerful a force?

But if comes from outside then surely others too

Would feel it equally of course?


But they don’t, so it must come from inside himself

Good. He can deal with that, with some help

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