The Positive Impact of Creativity


‘What keeps life constantly fascinating is the creativity of the soul’  Deepak Chopra

Sometimes, even for people without a mental health condition, the brain can feel overloaded with stress that cannot be calmed even through strenuous physical activity, meditation or countless other purportedly helpful techniques.

At times, and I know for certain in my case, the best thing to do is power up the computer or pick up and pen and paper, and just let loose. Just let go; let conscious thought slide and allow your subconscious to express itself. You may end up with something closely pertaining to your current struggles, or alternatively you may have something completely at odds with how you have been thinking and feeling. You may even find a thread to two worth further exploration – perhaps your financial concerns are actually symptomatic of something more long-standing or important.

It doesn’t need to be writing either. Try drawing, playing an instrument, painting, a collage, photography, embroidery etc.  Anything that can allow you to switch off from what’s bothering you. And I defy anyone to say they can’t – we’ve all done something creative we have carried through to adulthood to some degree or other.

I find my breathing slows when I write and likewise my heart rate too. As a result, I feel more relaxed. It’s important to find the right place and conditions for creativity too. Some people like silence, others to be distracted by others as they go and some like being outdoors. Experiment, and eventually you will have the right fit. Be careful about staying up into the small hours – good sleep means good mental health!

Depending on what medium you choose, you may get some good quality time mixing with people, for example playing music or working in collaboration with other creatives to produce a mixed media work. 

Above all, it’s about de-stressing and enjoying yourself. Have a go, and hopefully it will pay off. And if it’s not for you, don’t worry – it’s very likely there is something out there up your street.






Published by Beyond Recovery blog

A collection of creativity, artwork and information by Merseysiders on recovery in mental health.

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