Beyond Recovery

A collection of articles, artwork and information by Merseysiders on recovery in mental health

About Us

Beyond Recovery is an independent community mental health creative project that started in late 2011. We are a small group of people who have been gathering ‘expert by experience’ mental health art pieces and literature in the Merseyside area of England. We want to pass on the wisdom gleaned by people recovering from mental distress about staying well to other people, as well as pointing out local, national and international organisations people can turn to for help and information.

We have printed two booklets featuring articles and artwork from service users in Merseyside on recovery in mental health. They also featured a guide to local mental health services. We distributed the booklets throughout Merseyside’s shops, bars, cafes and health centers – keep your eyes peeled!

We produced our first booklet in early 2016 and distributed the 2000 copies as widely as possible in the local area to a variety of organisations, cafes, barbers, libraries and to national mental health organisations via email. For issue 2 we held creative sessions at The West Kirby Drop-In during 2016 to obtain some of the material after gaining funding from The Wirral West Community Fund. We have recently had another 2000 booklets produced and we’ll be distributing them in the near future. For further details you can contact us via, social media or this blog.

As for this blog, please feel free to download a copy of either or both editions of our booklet from the links here.  The articles here in this blog in the main are taken from written work we gathered and for the most part used in putting together the booklets.  If you look through the links we have included you will see the information comes from where we have learned most on our journeys through mental health systems, diagnoses, learning and experience.  This is what we aim to share with as wide an audience as possible.  The website list is not exhaustive but is a very valuable resource.  Above all we would like to share what we have learned about the field of mental health if possible to provide hope and support for others experiencing similar challenges to help them through, to learn and to grow from what they have been through.

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