Beyond Recovery

A collection of articles, artwork and information by Merseysiders on recovery in mental health

International Organisations

Safe Harbor (Large, valuable, online resource focused on non-drug approaches for mental health) 


The Alliance for Human Research Protection 


The Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine 


The Amen Clinic (The Amen clinic in USA founded by Daniel Amen promotes good brain health which they measure using SPECT brain blood flow imaging scans) 


The Institute for Dialogic Practice (The Institute for Dialogic Practice is a facility that provides training in dialogic practice and Open Dialogue) 


European Network for [ex]-Users and Survivors of Psychiatry 


The Institute for Functional Medicine (The Institute for Functional Medicine promotes and facilitates functional medicine which seeks to address root causes of illness) 


HVN (Hearing Voices Network)


Health Freedom Action (Health Freedom Action engages in legislative advocacy in USA and is for the fundamental right of choice in the field of healthcare) 


ISPS (The International Society for Psychological and Social Approaches to Psychosis)


The Icarus Project (A US support network and education project.  A collective advancing social justice by fostering mutual aid practices to promote healing)


ICSPP (ICSPP is Dr Peter Breggin’s International Centre for the Study of Patient-Oriented Psychiatry) 


The International College of Integrative Medicine


The International Institute for Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal


Integrative Medicine For Mental Health (Integrative Medicine for Mental Health supports a whole body approach to mental health disorders) 


The Inner Compass Initiative (This initiative provides guidance around alternative choices to those available in the current mental health system) 


Intentional Peer Support (A provider of peer support training)


Integrative Psychiatry (The caucus on complementary, alternative and integrative medicine is a special interest group of the American Psychiatric Association) 


ISEPP (The International Society for Ethical Psychology and Psychiatry)


The Law Project for Psychiatric Rights (The Law Project for Psychiatric Rights is a non-profit law firm in America campaigning against the abuses of the mental health system) 


Mad In America (Mad In America has created a platform for rethinking psychiatric care.  It focuses on science, psychiatry and social justice.  It was founded by Pulitzer prize winning journalist and author, Robert Whitaker) 


Foundation for Excellence in Mental Health Care (US-based Foundation for Excellence in Mental Health Care which aims to bring philanthropy to fund recovery-based research and programs) 


Mental Health Europe (Mental Health Europe works with European institutions and international bodies to promote mental wellbeing and advocate for rights and interests) 


MiNDbank (MiNDbank is a UN WHO resource providing links to local level policies, strategies, laws and service standards for mental health and related areas) 


MindFreedom International (MindFreedom International is a non-profit organisation set up to secure human rights in the mental health system) 


The National Empowerment Center (The National Empowerment Center in America aims to overhaul the mental health service to make it more recovery-focused via different means) 


ONWARD Mental Health (ONWARD Mental Health provides integrative mental health insight with a holistic approach and non-drug options for treatment) 


Peer Zone (A peer support and training group spread across various countries)


Association for the Advancement of Philosophy and Psychiatry 


DHA Laboratory (DHA laboratory specialises in identifying the root cause of clinical symptoms) 


RosGlas Recovery (RosGlas Recovery is a private, inpatient, luxury, Irish rehab clinic which treats psychological and addiction issues) 


RxISK (RxISK aims to educate patients around drug side effects and as such empower them as well as collecting data on the harmful effects of prescription drugs)

From the blog…


The International Spiritual Emergence Network


World Benzodiazepine Awareness Day (The website for the official, global event that is World Benzodiazepine Awareness Day, every July 11th)











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