Beyond Recovery

A collection of articles, artwork and information by Merseysiders on recovery in mental health

Transcript of an article from ‘The Liverpool Echo’ about Everton FC building a mental health facility at their ground

The following link goes to the article itself online on the website of ‘The Liverpool Echo’:   Everton have tonight officially launched a campaign to generate the money needed … Continue reading

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MIA article ‘Healing from Schizophrenia’

The following is an interesting recovery article posted on the Mad in America website, written by Kerstin Ogard.  The link to the article itself on the website is here: ( … Continue reading

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SoMe Introduction to Three Members of Beyond Recovery

The following contains extracts from some ‘SoMe’ profiles the group did for a recent event here on Merseyside.  We put on a successful screening of the documentary ‘CrazyWise’ on Friday … Continue reading

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The Positive Impact of Creativity

‘What keeps life constantly fascinating is the creativity of the soul’  Deepak Chopra Sometimes, even for people without a mental health condition, the brain can feel overloaded with stress that … Continue reading

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Important Survey

I’m very excited to announce the launch of a survey with Maastricht University on antipsychotic medication withdrawal. I’m working with Dr. Jim van Os, Dr. John Read, and Dr. Sandra … Continue reading

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Copy of a blog article by psychiatrist, Dr Terry Lynch

When psychiatrists say ‘We know that . . .’, as a general rule, take this to mean ‘we believe that . . .’ Of the many problems that exist within … Continue reading

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Meditation Information

From personal experience learning about meditation techniques is a very useful thing to do if suffering of some description is taking place within the mind. It’s good to go to … Continue reading

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