The Tree Searching For The Light

it a bit more easy

being so hard on myself

perfect and has life all sussed out

is the way forward

slowly but surely from experience

prefer the circle to be virtuous rather than a vicious downward spiral.

the problem as it arises in the mind.

taking a few steps with some help to stop the darkness coming again.

like a tree growing it is best to search for the light again.



‘If only’

If only…


I could reach out through your

Poem and grab you by your hand

or arm to thank you for taking the

time, giving the thought, searching

your imagination, studying your

subject matter in order to put your

‘quill to parchment’ and thank you

for posting to my group –

No that’s wrong of me to say;

It’s ‘Our Poetry Group’ and always

will be for as long as I draw breath-

Which is why I need it to be close

and friendly and interactive and happy

(Yes I know that’s too many ands’ ok?

I am a Poet and Writer after all….) But-

I will never be bereft of your wonderful

writes and words and kind minds and

undoubted agility and ability with what

I call written words of art –

Yes and I realise and I know from my

own experiences in life that we all

have our own particular ‘life cross’

to shoulder or to carry or to bear

and we always will, you see it’s

our own cross of life that makes us

what we are, it makes us the type

of poet that we have become…



only I could reach out and touch you…

and …thank you and…

…tell you this…


If only…


I could…I would…



Poems by Ian Conway – ‘The Positive Poet’



Would you recognise your childhood face

Hidden in a crowd?

At the start of life’s wild race

Before no holds were barred


Were you taught to be kind and good?

Those years long ago

But found it hard to do as you should?

As life’s demands did grow


Oh, that’s just life – we may start well

But only saints succeed

To walk a blameless path through life

Unspoilt by unworthy deed


So be kind to yourself – do not sigh

And anyway, it’s never too late to try!




He told me how, in the past

Life proceeded without any pain

Confidence came easily and decisions came fast

And only small worries remained


He asked what had changed to make life now so grim?

Was it him or was it life?

Something outside or something within

To cause his anxious strife?


If it comes from outside like a malignant voodoo

How to beat so powerful a force?

But if comes from outside then surely others too

Would feel it equally of course?


But they don’t, so it must come from inside himself

Good. He can deal with that, with some help


Love Is

Love is to feel

Love is real
Love is in the heart
Love is just a start
Love will conquer us all,
Love is to feel no shame,
Love is not to blame
Love is my name,
Love is no game
Love is to love,
Love is a dove
Love is heaven above
Love is the beauty of nature and the sun
Love is glorious
Love that I can feel
To love is to care
Love is fair,
Love is pain
Love is the beauty of rain,
Love is in all of us
and each one the same
Love is the beauty of life
Love is giving
Love is to be free
You and me
Love is in your eyes
Love never says goodbye
Love is here
Have no fear
Love everyone

Feeling Poem

I live in fear
Year after year
I feel sadness
I feel hope
I feel the world is on fire
Burning Inside
I can’t stay
I must go
I can’t look, I can’t see
Because the fear is inside me
I can feel my pain
I can see the future
I can see inside me
At the end of the day
I must say goodbye
My true path of eternity
Life is grey


At first I thought

It was the voices

All around that

Had changed.

Their soothing melodies

Turned acrid

In the afternoon sun.

But as the stars

Of my soul

Came out to play

Glistening for the

First time

in the inky blackness

I realised;

It was not those voices

That had changed

But my ears:

I could hear a

Smaller voice

Calling out

From the chinks

In the white noise chatter.

That small voice

Was mine.

Quieter but


More peaceful,

More true



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